a Location Intelligence Tool

Place CSV or TAB delimited data at the textbox below.

Linking Data with Maps:  The first column name must contain the pre-defined column that will link the entered data with a map (i.e. city,province,etc). Maximum number of data columns is 10.

Displaying Longitude/Latitude points:  The first column must be an identifier, and the last 2 column name should be "lon,lat" that contains the WGS84 points. Maximum number of data columns is 10 exlcluding the "lon,lat" columns.

Use these Sample CSV Data or paste the contents of each worksheet of this Spreadsheet as reference.

For Japanese users, use this Template for a list of Prefectures (都道府県),Cities (市区町村), and World Countries (世界の国名) that will match with Geofuse.